Monday, 16 April 2012

~ Why give love when you can Give Lube? ~

I have had the great privilege of trying out the fabulous Premium Aqua Gel by the folks over at Give Lube, and after a couple of weeks trial, it's clear to see that this stuff is going to be extremely popular!
Give Lube is a british witty named company with the fantastic slogan upon it's bottles 'Give: The brand that shows you care'.
Over the years I've had countless issues with lube in regards to finding one that is a little bit different and that can really stand up to it's claims.
This style branded Aqua Gel, made me curious. I'd encountered water based lube, silicone lube, foam lube, flavoured lube, but never had I tried Aqua Gel.
To start with, the packaging is simple yet attractive and suitable for everyone. The product comes in 3 different choices of size, suitably labelled mini, midi and maxi.
The lube itself is made primarily of water (hence the name) but is also pH balanced and has the additional benefit of Aloe Vera.
The texture of the lube is quite surprising, the clear gel is smooth and untacky, and has a good consistency and great longevity, so even the Mini will go a long way.
Another additional positive to this lube, in the words of my other half, it doesn't have a peculiar after smell. With a lot of lubes, this can be the case, dependant upon the ingredients used to create the lube and also possibly the scents or flavours that it should potentially have.
In my opinion, keeping lube as natural as possible, both with ingredients and texture, is definitely a positive for me, and any additional caring ingredients are a great bonus.
This product may be small, but it packs a big punch in the bedroom, and only in the best possible way.
This has been a firm favourite (no pun intended) in my bedroom since first discovery and I am certain it will remain that for the unforeseeable future.

This item is available ~Here~

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