Wednesday, 10 July 2013

~ Fishnets ~

One thing I cannot resist are fishnets...

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

~ Well hello there! Long time no see! ~

Hello everyone!
It has been quite a while since I last posted on here, but life has been hectic, and somethings gotta give!
So anyways, I'm back, I'm hoping to start reviewing again soon and doing some new pictures where possible, so to all that are still following me after all this time, well done! And keep your eyes peeled for some new posts :)
M xXx

Monday, 16 April 2012

~ Why give love when you can Give Lube? ~

I have had the great privilege of trying out the fabulous Premium Aqua Gel by the folks over at Give Lube, and after a couple of weeks trial, it's clear to see that this stuff is going to be extremely popular!
Give Lube is a british witty named company with the fantastic slogan upon it's bottles 'Give: The brand that shows you care'.
Over the years I've had countless issues with lube in regards to finding one that is a little bit different and that can really stand up to it's claims.
This style branded Aqua Gel, made me curious. I'd encountered water based lube, silicone lube, foam lube, flavoured lube, but never had I tried Aqua Gel.
To start with, the packaging is simple yet attractive and suitable for everyone. The product comes in 3 different choices of size, suitably labelled mini, midi and maxi.
The lube itself is made primarily of water (hence the name) but is also pH balanced and has the additional benefit of Aloe Vera.
The texture of the lube is quite surprising, the clear gel is smooth and untacky, and has a good consistency and great longevity, so even the Mini will go a long way.
Another additional positive to this lube, in the words of my other half, it doesn't have a peculiar after smell. With a lot of lubes, this can be the case, dependant upon the ingredients used to create the lube and also possibly the scents or flavours that it should potentially have.
In my opinion, keeping lube as natural as possible, both with ingredients and texture, is definitely a positive for me, and any additional caring ingredients are a great bonus.
This product may be small, but it packs a big punch in the bedroom, and only in the best possible way.
This has been a firm favourite (no pun intended) in my bedroom since first discovery and I am certain it will remain that for the unforeseeable future.

This item is available ~Here~

Sunday, 8 April 2012

~ Skulls & Cleavage ~

This is one of very few lingerie items that have really caught my attention in a long time. I'm very much the type of girl who could be described as a "Rocker", so this bra appeals to me in a big way.

I've always loved skulls, and I've loved lingerie even more, so this was a perfect combination for me. I'd contemplated getting this bra for a very long time, and when it arrived, I was absolutely thrilled.
When it came to buying this bra, I was a little concerned about the standard sizing they had done with this, as from my experience, standard sizes never usually fit too well.

I have more of a fuller bust (36D), so was advised to get the large, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it fitted me (although I think if I had had a bust much larger then it may not have fit as well).

The band fit rather well, and I found it to be very comfortable, and sat well, and the cups gave me the most fantastic cleavage, due to the slight added padding underneath the breast.

As well as this bra being a great fit, it is also amazing quality. I find with some lingerie that is purely "dress lingerie", it can be a very bad fit, and also look and feel very cheap. This bra definitely didn't go into either of these categories.

The skull print was very clear and bright, and the PVC-like trim just worked superbly well and I think it just finished off the bra perfectly.

The buckles on the front of the straps were purely decorative, but I thought they were a great design touch, and suited the whole look of the bra.

This is clearly a well crafted bra, and wonderful value for money, and has become a firm favourite of mine for both bedroom and every day use. It is easy to mix and match with many other PVC items, due to its trim, so is also extremely versatile.

Overall, this bra is comfy, sexy, and simply stunning, and if you've ever considered buying one of these, believe me, you will not be disappointed.

My favourite piece of lingerie in years.

~ Available Here ~